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Company's History


The company successfully renewed its Certificate ISO 9001:2015.


In order to bring the name in line with the requirements of the Federal Law, the Closed Joint-Stock company Rusagrotrans was renamed into Joint Stock Company Rusagrotrans.


30.01.2017 was closed the transaction on acquisition of 50% of the grain the Kazakh operator JSC "Astyk TRANS" (KZ), whereby the company consolidated 100% of the shares.


"AzRusTrans" was established.


30.12.2016 on the basis of open competition JSC "Rusagrotrans" acquired JSC "Kaztemirtrans" (KZ) a 50% stake in Kazakh grain operator JSC "Astyk TRANS" (KZ), bringing its stake to 100%.


CJSC "Rusagrotrans" has acquired 840 innovative cars produced by JSC "Uralvagonzavod" and JSC "UWC".


The company successfully renewed its Certificate ISO 9001:2008.


CJSC "Rusagrotrans" and JSC "Kaztemirtrans" (KZ) created a joint venture for the transport of agricultural goods - JSC "Astyk TRANS" (KZ). The proportion of participants was as follows: CJSC "Rusagrotrans" - 50,00% and JSC "Kaztemirtrans" (KZ) - 50,00%.


In the period July-August 2013 CJSC "Rusagrotrans" have bought cars from LLC "Rustranskom" in the amount of 1695 units.


RusAgroTrancs CJSC passed a certified audit for compliance of management quality assurance systems reaching the ISO 9001:2008 international standard, with the certification confirmed by Moody International CJSC.


LLC "Rustranscom" gets 100% control over CJSC "Rusagrotrans" as a result of the acquisition of shares of OJSC "First cargo company" - 45,6993%.


Mr K L Zasov, the General Director of RusAgroTrans CJSC, and Mr Zh Zhaisanbaev of Kaztermitrans JSC, in the presence of Mr V Yakunin the President of RZD JSC and Mr A Mamin the President of NK-KTZH State Corporation signed an Agreement for the creation of a joint company for the freighting of grain shipments.


According to the results of additional issue of shares in the proportion of participants was as follows: LLC "Rustranskom" - 54,3007%, JSC "First cargo company" - 45,6993%.


RusAgroTrans CJSC won an open auction for the acquisition of grain-freighting wagons.  In the future, the balance sheet of the company delivered 11305 cars.


A contract was reached between RusAgroTrans CJSC and Azerbaijan Railways JSC for the joint use of the transport and logistic resources for the grain-shipping industry, including the development of infrastructure and the organisation of routed deliveries by grain-freighting trains.


A share launch is announced for RusAgroTrans CJSC for a value of 7,500,615,600 roubles.


A Protocol of Intent is signed with CJSC Transmashholding for beginning the design of new models of grain-shipment wagons for construction.


Completion of a delivery of 7997 wagons into the ownership of RusAgroTrans corporation.


Confirmation of the principles of the company’s tariff policy.


Completion of a delivery of rented grain-freighting wagons from RZD JSC to RusAgroTrans CJSC.


Beginning of the project to organise routed deliveries of grain for export.


The Information System for ASC TC is launched for industrial use. The ASC TC system is specialised computer software which automates the accounting systems for rolling-stock of corporations, tracing its dislocation and technical specifications, automatic billing for contracted deliveries, use and service of the rolling stock fleet, collation of data for management reporting, and performance analysis.


RusAgroTrans demonstrated new grain-freighting wagons with a 20% increase in payload capacity.


The first Russia-wide conference, «Grain-freighting infrastructure. Improved competitiveness for Russian grain», held in collaboration with the United Grains Corporation and the Agriculture Ministry of the RF. Resolutions were adopted for the formulations of coordination committee for the development of the grain-freighting infrastructure.


Beginning of regular shipments for routed grain-freighting trains.


Beta-testing launch for the integrated software application «Automated System For Management Of Local Operations» (ASUMR). ASUMR is designed to optimise the usage of the local wagon fleet in the interests of cost control using automated methods of control and planned local operations for the local TSUMR. ASUMR works as a unified system including expansion of the ASOUP-2 Database network, fulfilling management needs for the control of local operations and integrated organisational tasks, planning, dispatch control, regularization, and work operations analysis.


The RusAgroTrans corporate investment program is approved by the Board of Directors of RZD JSC.


Shareholders Meeting of RusAgroTrans CJSC concerning the reformation of RusAgroTrans CJSC.


RusAgroTrans CJSC is registered in the Unified Register of Legal Entities.


The first rail shipments are made utilising the company’s own wagon fleet.


Mr Mikhail Onofriychuk was appointed as the new CEO of RusAgroTrans CJSC.
Mr Onofriychuk replaced Mr Konstantin Zasov as CEO. Mr Zasov had led the company from the moment of its incorporation.