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For access to the Rusagrotrans ONLINE system, please enter your details:

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Brief overview of the functions of Rusagrotrans ONLINE

This automated system for information exchance with clients, Rusagrotrans ONLINE enables the exchange of electronic documents of the followings types:

Documents Available operations
Client Rusagrotrans Client
Contracts View View  —  —
Orders, incl planned shipment Create
Alteration Request

+ +
Protocols View
View + +
Instructions for setting up rail way-bills View View  — +
Copy GU-12 (scans) Create View  —  —
Account View View  — +
Confirmations of completed operations View
View + +
Order Cancellation (client letter) Create View +  —
Client Letter Create View  — +
Rusagrotans Letter View Create  — +
Notification for Clients View Create  —  —

* — acceptance of Electronic Signatures enables the legal authority of electronic documents

Connecting to the Rusagrotrans ONLINE system

All you have to do to use the Rusagrotrans ONLINE system is simply type or cut/paste the address into your browser, and log into your personal account using your individual login and password.

Each staffer in your company who plans using the Rusagrotrans ONLINE portal should have their own individual login and password — to enable unique authentication of the user when working with electronic documents, even if Electronic Signature isn’t enabled. In order to receive these logins and passwords, all you have to do is send a User List from your company, listing the job-title of each user who requires a login and password.

You can send requests to use the Rusagrotrans ONLINE system to our following staffers:

Basic connection to the Rusagrotrans ONLINE system enables you to work with all documents in section 'T», but without the Electronic Signature function.

In order to use the Electronic Signature function, you will need to get an electronic signature key. Authority for certification and issue of signature keys for electronic signature of Rusagrotrans ONLINE documents is carried out on the basis of Agreement № 1 of 30th May 2012 as defined by the National Certification Centre (NCC).

In order to receive an electronic signature key, you should:

  • 1. decide who the authorised staff in your company who may electronically sign documents for the company, in accordance with the Regulations for Operations with Electronic Documents on the Rusagrotrans ONLINE Portal.
  • et up and Agreement with the National Certification Centre to receive electronic signature keys, by applying to the nearest issuing branch of electronic signature keys of the National Certification Centre. A list of branches of the National Certification Centre can be obtained from their website (List of Branches of the National Certification Centre in Russian Regions).

It should be further added that the National Certification Centre conforms to the authorised CA Tax Service and the Russian FSS. Once you have received an electronic signature key from the NCC, you will be able to use the same key for any correspondence or submissions to these Federal taxation services as well. This means that obtaining this electronic key will help in keeping track of your costs in other areas too.

In addition to this the National Certification Centre is authorised for use in electronic commerce systems approved for the placement of federal and municipal purchasing (state procurement). For your convenience you can obtain an additional certificate for operating on the State Purchase network simulataneous with your Rusagrotrans ONLINE application, with the same key carrier.

You can obtain further information and instructions for using the Rusagrotrans ONLINE system, and further documentation directly on the system portal.