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Benefits of new transport routes

Дата новости: 27\04\2017

Benefits of new transport routes

- AzRusTrans is a joint venture between Azerbaijan Railways CJSC and Rusagrotrans CJSC and was established in 2016. This is our debut at the TransCaspian / Translogistica 2017 exhibition. However, Rusagrotrans participated in this extensive event in the past.

The main goal of AzRusTrans is to increase the share of rail transportation in the cargo turnover between Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and Turkey. Accordingly, at this exhibition we familiarize visitors with our services and activities. We transport grain, lumber and other goods by rail. AzRusTrans owns 500 cars, and shares a joint park with Rusagrotrans of 25 000 wagons (customers who paid the transportation fee me benefit from using these wagons). In addition, we have drop end cars, open wagons and covered cars.

We expect that this year transport corridors reconstructed by Azerbaijan Railways will be open for use. In particular, we are talking about the North-South and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railways which will increase the volumes of rail transportation between Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Georgia.

We hope that the international TransCaspian / Translogistica 2017 exhibition will allow us to attract new customers. We are interested in potential customers, contractors and any companies wishing to use the cargo transportation services.

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